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Subscribe to Untamed Photo Magazine, an online wildlife photography magazine created by professional wildlife photographers, Jaren and Mark A Fernley. This magazine has been designed to bring the excitement of wildlife photography straight to your device. Each issue is dedicated to teaching our readers the latest tips and tricks when it comes to capturing and editing your shots. We also provide real life stories from wildlife photographers around the globe to inspire our readers.

About The Editors

Jaren A Fernley - Editor in Chief

Mark A Fernley - Managing Editor

Jaren and Mark have been traveling around the African continent for many thrilling years, capturing the colours, emotions and raw action of African wildlife in its natural habitat. Their love for wildlife is what brought them together, deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Years have gone by and their passion for wildlife has lead them to an exhilarating life living among some of the world most incredible wildlife.


Having received many awards and publications between the two of them, these budding photographers thrive to capture the world’s wildlife, all while contributing to their constant protection to ensure their survival.

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Jaren and Mark Fernley

Interested in joining Mark and Jaren on safari?

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